Josh P Gale

Producer & Songwriter. Musician. ◆ SingleRuin. B58.


Songwriting has formed the basis of my career, with all major projects I've been involved in drawing on my songwriting skills in some way. My particular strengths including adding additional melodies, riffs rhythms and sections to songs. I love collaborating, writing lyrics themes to songs.

Due to my wide working range I work well with others and like to create on a variety of instruments and sampling sounds on hardware and software. I go to a lot of songwriting sessions and also host sessions for a variety of artists at my studio.

Particularly I love creating on Ableton with PUSH2 Midi Fighter twister and various other midi devices as it integrates so well with songwriting looping and producing. 

If you wish to enquire about hiring my services as a songwriter, please do get in touch here.

I have recently released my solo project SingleRuin this is a great demonstration of how I can write and produce. 

Here is a video I recently recorded in my studio of me playing the song I wrote for Bright City

Here is the original recording of the same song on the Bright City album.