Josh P Gale

Producer & Songwriter. Musician. ◆ SingleRuin. B58.


I have had the great privilege of being involved in a large number of different projects, in a variety of studios with many experienced and talented musicians and producers. This has enabled me to learn and practice a great deal of different techniques, processes, and programming. I have produced, engineered and played in so many great environments, so I know how best to get a great sound of an an artist or band. Most notably, I have recently been working with Jonny Bird, producing with some great projects and artists in some incredible environments such as Paul Burtons Old Chapel Studios, Echo Zoo Studios, RAK Studios and in Martin Smith's Bones Studio  I have spent a great deal of time at Brighton Electric studios assisting productions with their established in house engineers.

I have been delighted to work for a number of incredible people, projects and acts. These include Kathryn Scott, Max Raptor, BrightCity, Worship Central, Soul Survivor, Plunge, Egotronic and more.

I continue to work with many local artists at my home studio. The gear I use is also portable so I can professionally record in any environment. I record with Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Logic.

When programming midi, I am proficient at using Ableton Live with midi hardware including the Roland SPD SX, Midi Fighter and Twister, livid minim and know how to connect and use most midi compatible hardware devices. 

I have been an assistant producer on 3 bright city albums to date. Working along side some of the most talented friends I know. Here is a section of a review by Secret Scout with a unique take on our project : 

"I had the pleasure of being invited to the album launch of Brighton collective Bright City last week. Built inside the holy walls of St. Peter’s Church this is yes, music written about and surrounding a God but really, as an on the fence atheist, when you strip away the directive lyrics you will find a banger or two and that’s what sets these guys apart from your musical Christian stereotype.." 

If you wish to enquire about hiring me as a producer for your upcoming music project, please do get in touch here.

This summer I released a track for my new solo project SINGLERUIN where I exclusively produced, wrote, played, sung and programmed.

You can check out my debut single FIGHT below and check out the website here