Josh P Gale

Producer & Songwriter. Musician. ◆ SingleRuin. B58.


Experienced in pop, rock, electronic, alternative, folk and hard core/heavy rock, I have gained a lot of experience in a variety of different settings. This means that I am incredibly adaptable, being able to learn quickly, be creative and perform strongly in a variety of small and large venues. I am a versatile, dynamic and passionate stage performer wherever I play.

I have studied drums at the Nexus Institute Coventry and the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, and have been part of many projects, artists and bands over the last 16 years. These include (but are not limited to) Garden Heart, Rory Indiana and Josh Mac.

I have been regularly touring the uk with my band Rory Indiana, supporting bands such as Army of Bones and Man on a Mission, touring with the likes of Fizzy blood and MassMatiks.   

I also have skills on both electric and acoustic guitars in live and recording environments. Examples include “Never Let me Forget”, a song I wrote for the Bright City Collective, and have sessioned for Wayward Daughter on electric.

Having been a strong singer for most of my life, my vocal skills have been widely utilised throughout many projects, including Bright City, Rory Indiana and Garden Heart.

I am proficient in using Ableton live to program a live set, including syncing backing tracks, midi hardware and programming lighting and projector back drops. 

Recently I have developed a newfound interest in hardware and software synthesis and programming music on Ableton Live. Creating and finding new sounds out of a mixture hardware and software instruments and manipulating Ableton in a live and recording setting is something that I find both fascinating and enjoyable.

If you wish to enquire about hiring me as a session musician for your upcoming music project or live event, please do get in touch here.