Josh P Gale

Producer & Songwriter. Musician. ◆ SingleRuin. B58.


Welcome to the world ive been secretly working on for a while now, before I explain everything it let me first start off by saying thanks so much for being interested!

So yes you may or may not have seen my first launch of this idea about a year ago with a song called fight. Which you will here below.

I put up my song played a couple of shows and started showing branding and imagery on instagram. After a while I was falling out of love with the initial way it sounded so I stopped putting momentum into the project and started writing and reimagining it. This is what ive come up with so far.

I have imagined this project as played by three different types of characters. The different imagry and sounds I have been creating can be split up into these three different personalities if you will, these themes are.

(all the audio you will listen to is still being worked on, just use them as a helpful hint of what im imagining.)

RAW - Piano and vocal, just bare bones songwriting nothing getting in the way from the chords and melody, raw & venerable.

REMIX - Instrumentation purely coming from the computer. Using Ableton to control samples, synths and drum machines. Getting more creative with vocal effects and live being a bit more improvisational and experimental.

RAUCUS - This is the biggest sound of the three. loud drums big synths and guitars. The imagery here will be darker with neon colours. This show will also combine all three of the sounds and blend them together.

Ive been writing in these styles for quite a while now and I don’t want to separate them into different bands and projects, I want to write in all these various styles as single ruin being free to experiment with these different themes and plays around with genres. Hopefully this will mean I can play a diverse amount of shows because I can cater to a lot of different bands artists and projects.

the first step

I am going to relaunch by releasing three singles. Fight (slightly reimagined), Flood and Fright. I intend to release each song in the three versions seen above. piano + vocal, ableton remix, and full on studio no holds bared big production version. With each release I will play a show that will be recorded on video. One just piano and vocal, one just using ableton with samples synths and drum machines and one full on big theatrical show. These will be in various venues around the city. These videos will go up on youtube.

After this big restart I will continue to put out music and play shows regularly and hopefully carry on the momentum.