Josh P Gale

Producer & Songwriter. Musician. ◆ SingleRuin. B58.


I launched my professional photography business a couple of years ago, successfully shooting for various companies, models, artists and bands. I have had an eclectic range of work from live gigs, modeling/ fashion campaigns on instagram and working shooting car shows. I have absolutely loved working with so many individuals and am always looking to work on more incredible prjects. To view more of my work have a look at my portfolio and you can catch other photos on Instagram

I own a Canon 60d. Combining the skills I have learned this year as well as my experience as a musician/modeling in front of the camera believe I know how to make a session both comfortable and professional. I have designed and worked on visual campaigns on social media for many of my musical projects and know how to portray an image. I am fascinated by fashion and how it can change the way a person looks/ feels. 

Let me know if you are interested hiring me I would love to hear your ideas!