Josh P Gale

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The guy I met in my dorm at Sparks Hostel in Rotterdam is one of the nicest and most fascinating people I could ever wish to share christmas with. He is either slightly mental or a genius (I think probably a bit of both thinking about it)

let me describe him. He is an American man in his 60’s (a complete guess but thats my gut reaction) grey hair, grey beard, shirt with suspenders. How I would best describe him is if Gandalf was alive today in the non fictional modern world (weed pipe and all, tho this one isn't whittled out of wood) he would be in my dorm with his lovely, caring demeanour, someone who looks as tho they have seen many magical adventures. He seems to study a lot, highlighted books and notes strewn across the desk with his computer by his side fevershily prinitg off quite chunky documents. He seems genuinely fascinated with what I do for a living, he thinks creativity is one of the most undervalued things in this world but insists I keep going saying that the money will inevitably follow. He holds conversations that have an intelligence and intrigue behind them but that also develop into what some could call quite mental beliefs from his studies. He seems to studying a lot of law and legislation to try and bring George Bush down, I've already scanned the documents he is making that he has kndly given me to look over and it’s make the whole experience even more intriguing! (Turns out he says his profession is law and that he has been a judge) 

My first interaction with with this man was down stairs in the living area where he walks over to me and hands me a book on the Sufis, about group of people who believe in all religions it seems and asked if I could read in english, to which I said yes and started leafing through his heavily and carefully annotated book full of memos. Since then he has given me a document which entails lots of case studies on Californian law which may have been curated and put together by him I cant quite tell. (I found out later on it indeed had been curated by him)

Some people may call him crazy but I am uncertain, he doesn’t seem completely irrational or deluded and seems to be grounded in his beliefs and switched on. Even if those beliefs are not what most would call conventionally normal.

Also I think I have accidentally hotboxed the weed he is smoking even tho he does it out the window (it only opens a crack). 

All of this has lead to a truly fun, unique and fascinating once in a life time christmas in Rotterdam. 

(Im glad to say I haven't been drugs tested since coming back on board the P & O ferry I am working on, I was a little bit concerned that even tho I never put the pipe in my mouth my accidental hotbox sesh with my old pal Terril might have gotten me fired hahaha.)

So Terril (or Terry!) I am so glad our paths intertwined! I wish you luck and success in what ever you want from this life (including bringing bush down and fighting the government in court if thats your dream!) Never ever become what our world defines normal! You are fascinating, unique, caring and an absolute gentleman. Keep being you! 

p.s. I hope you enjoy the one third full wine bottle I left you, If I had taken in on board I would have been well and truly fired.