Josh P Gale

Producer & Songwriter. Musician. ◆ SingleRuin. B58.


Its a good question! and who knows how long I can keep this up for.. All I know is I have started and for the time being I cant stop. 

The idea began with me reading a book called Key Person of Influence. There is a chapter in it where it said anyone can write a book. I was stunned by this theory and instantly thought not me, not the guy who hated studying school because it reminded him of the things he wasn't good at. Not the guy who thought he could only communicate to his fullest extent by creating something musical rather than using words. So I thought I would prove Daniel Priestly (the guy who authored the KPI book) wrong by writing a paragraph about creativity thinking I would hate it, that it would read poorly and that there was no way I ever going to be releasing it. Three pages later, with a dazed smile on my face I only thought I could get when I played music, I realised something horrifying. I was enjoying, no wait loving this..! It felt just as blissful and addictive as the other creative things I love to do. The dyslexic who said he was done with writing more than a couple of paragraphs after finishing uni has learned he has a love for writing.. 

Why is this the case now? I really could have done with that love when I was studying! Maybe its because I don't feel forced to do it. I can stop anytime I like, I don't have any deadlines or word count, I can choose any topic I want and I don't have to write in a style that has to please any superior. I hate having to jump though hoops and pretend to be something I am not to get anywhere in life, but unfortunately sometimes in this world you have to endure though to get to where you want to be.  

The thing I'm discovering is theres so many incredible ways to be a creative. I don't just want to do or be one thing anymore, I want to explore. So view this as another way of me exploring my creativity. I have no idea how often or how many of these I will do, how long each one will be or the structures / topics. For now I'm just enjoying the bliss of exploring a creativity inside me I didn't even know existed. Writing and creating something with out any expectations, just for me and any anyone else who cares to join. I could chat complete shit and there might be mistakes in spelling and grammar but if you like it great. My hope for anything I create is that it will be exciting, inspiring and sometimes challenging. We shall see..


p.s. my favourite ever hashtag has to be #fcukdyslexia