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The guy I met in my dorm at Sparks Hostel in Rotterdam is one of the nicest and most fascinating people I could ever wish to share christmas with. He is either slightly mental or a genius (I think probably a bit of both thinking about it)

let me describe him. He is an American man in his 60’s (a complete guess but thats my gut reaction) grey hair, grey beard, shirt with suspenders. How I would best describe him is if Gandalf was alive today in the non fictional modern world (weed pipe and all, tho this one isn't whittled out of wood) he would be in my dorm with his lovely, caring demeanour, someone who looks as tho they have seen many magical adventures. He seems to study a lot, highlighted books and notes strewn across the desk with his computer by his side fevershily prinitg off quite chunky documents. He seems genuinely fascinated with what I do for a living, he thinks creativity is one of the most undervalued things in this world but insists I keep going saying that the money will inevitably follow. He holds conversations that have an intelligence and intrigue behind them but that also develop into what some could call quite mental beliefs from his studies. He seems to studying a lot of law and legislation to try and bring George Bush down, I've already scanned the documents he is making that he has kndly given me to look over and it’s make the whole experience even more intriguing! (Turns out he says his profession is law and that he has been a judge) 

My first interaction with with this man was down stairs in the living area where he walks over to me and hands me a book on the Sufis, about group of people who believe in all religions it seems and asked if I could read in english, to which I said yes and started leafing through his heavily and carefully annotated book full of memos. Since then he has given me a document which entails lots of case studies on Californian law which may have been curated and put together by him I cant quite tell. (I found out later on it indeed had been curated by him)

Some people may call him crazy but I am uncertain, he doesn’t seem completely irrational or deluded and seems to be grounded in his beliefs and switched on. Even if those beliefs are not what most would call conventionally normal.

Also I think I have accidentally hotboxed the weed he is smoking even tho he does it out the window (it only opens a crack). 

All of this has lead to a truly fun, unique and fascinating once in a life time christmas in Rotterdam. 

(Im glad to say I haven't been drugs tested since coming back on board the P & O ferry I am working on, I was a little bit concerned that even tho I never put the pipe in my mouth my accidental hotbox sesh with my old pal Terril might have gotten me fired hahaha.)

So Terril (or Terry!) I am so glad our paths intertwined! I wish you luck and success in what ever you want from this life (including bringing bush down and fighting the government in court if thats your dream!) Never ever become what our world defines normal! You are fascinating, unique, caring and an absolute gentleman. Keep being you! 

p.s. I hope you enjoy the one third full wine bottle I left you, If I had taken in on board I would have been well and truly fired. 



over and over..

Its one simple thought..


I mean seriously why don't I travel more, what’s my excuse, money, time, being bothered? It all seems trivial right now. If I plan, work hard, save and get off my ass I should in theory be able to go explore new countries quite regularly. I want to do this! I need to do this! The reason is simple, every time I go somewhere new I get inspired by new creativity and cultures. That inspiration leads to excitement, excitement leads to me creating something new or thinking differently about how I could and should create and that keeps everything I do fresh and authentic. I love learning new things and discovering new cultures! 

As much as I truly love being with my family (I mean seriously there the best!) I have no regrets spending my first christmas away from them here in this beautiful city, sure the road (or sea in my case) may have not been the most exciting or inspiring adventure ever (more about that another day) but i'm here now and I absolutely love Rotterdam. Even tho being on board this ship hasn't been the most fun time of my life I have met some truly great people and I cant wait to share my adventures with my friends and family when I get back home.

So this new year I vow to travel more, wether thats near, far, for a short period of time, for a long period of time/ permanently (if I love the place im in that much, again more about that soon). 

I want to experience more, see more, do more and learn more this year! no excuses! 

What about you, what places do you want to go explore, any recommendations. Are you pumped about the place you live and think I should come check it out? Have you just been somewhere you absolutely loved? Id love to hear about your experiences! 



Its a good question! and who knows how long I can keep this up for.. All I know is I have started and for the time being I cant stop. 

The idea began with me reading a book called Key Person of Influence. There is a chapter in it where it said anyone can write a book. I was stunned by this theory and instantly thought not me, not the guy who hated studying school because it reminded him of the things he wasn't good at. Not the guy who thought he could only communicate to his fullest extent by creating something musical rather than using words. So I thought I would prove Daniel Priestly (the guy who authored the KPI book) wrong by writing a paragraph about creativity thinking I would hate it, that it would read poorly and that there was no way I ever going to be releasing it. Three pages later, with a dazed smile on my face I only thought I could get when I played music, I realised something horrifying. I was enjoying, no wait loving this..! It felt just as blissful and addictive as the other creative things I love to do. The dyslexic who said he was done with writing more than a couple of paragraphs after finishing uni has learned he has a love for writing.. 

Why is this the case now? I really could have done with that love when I was studying! Maybe its because I don't feel forced to do it. I can stop anytime I like, I don't have any deadlines or word count, I can choose any topic I want and I don't have to write in a style that has to please any superior. I hate having to jump though hoops and pretend to be something I am not to get anywhere in life, but unfortunately sometimes in this world you have to endure though to get to where you want to be.  

The thing I'm discovering is theres so many incredible ways to be a creative. I don't just want to do or be one thing anymore, I want to explore. So view this as another way of me exploring my creativity. I have no idea how often or how many of these I will do, how long each one will be or the structures / topics. For now I'm just enjoying the bliss of exploring a creativity inside me I didn't even know existed. Writing and creating something with out any expectations, just for me and any anyone else who cares to join. I could chat complete shit and there might be mistakes in spelling and grammar but if you like it great. My hope for anything I create is that it will be exciting, inspiring and sometimes challenging. We shall see..


p.s. my favourite ever hashtag has to be #fcukdyslexia 


So personally this year has had some of the biggest lows and the biggest highs yet. I’ve had to find my feet, force my self up and battle through some of the more difficult things I have faced, its been hard work if I'm honest. However when I look back, the moments that where challenging are surrounded by some other incredible memories that out weighed the difficult times and have made this year so beautiful. When I remember those memories I am reminded at how lucky I am to have met the amazing people and community’s that I am in. 

My friends and family you are all incredible! You have been with me through it all. I am so thankful to be surrounded by all of you this year, you have shown me so much love! I’m more optimistic at the end of this year than I thought I’d ever be and I am more determined than ever to peruse my dreams, thank you for all your support!

The lesson I have learned is life isn’t perfect, it dosent always go your way and you can’t force it to. You cant predict what will happen and sometimes you just have to clench your fists, run at the wall and believe you can smash through or climb over it. If you are anything like me you’ll find some seriously incredible people waiting for you with grappling hooks and sledge hammers ready to get stuck in and help. As much as I wish there was no pain in this life, not only does it make you stronger and help you grow but it also shows you the most valuable people in your life! 

So remember if you ever feel like your facing something impossible to get through, look to your mates, we love you don’t be a stranger! Always feel free to get in touch with me! 

So here’s to another imperfect, messy but incredibly beautiful year! Im ready are you!


oh and p.s. yes I have started a blog, watch this space for more. JPG X



Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
- Arthur Ashe
It’s not what happens to you that matters. It’s how you respond to what happens to you that makes a difference.
- Zig Ziglar

Sometimes you have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.                  - N/A

My friends and family are my support system. They tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear and they are there for me in the good and bad times. Without them I have no idea where I would be and I know that their love for me is what's keeping my head above the water.
- Kelly Clarkson